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you cant handle the heat
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looking to chat dirty and sexy , tell me all you can

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I can handle you easily
427 days ago
699 days ago
I move my lips away for a moment, just to pull your shirt off, before I kiss you passionately, sliding my tongue between your lips while I deftly unhook your bra.
I lower you down onto my bed, climbing on top of you to kiss your neck, your shoulder, and your soft round tits. You let out a soft moan when I take one of your hard nipples into my mouth and suck gently, massaging the other in my hand. I take both your tits in my hands, massaging them softly, kissing so slowly down your stomach, causing your pussy to get wetter by the second. When I get to your nipples I would work them with my hands getting them aroused, before licking them and taking them into my mouth! I would slowly start to trail my tongue down to your pussy. I would kiss your belly and work towards your legs. I’d kiss your butt and run my tongue all over you, kissing and licking closer to your pussy until you start pushing your hips to my face begging for me to put my mouth there.
I pull my shirt off, and then slide your pants off of you, noticing the wet spot in the crotch of your panties. Next, I pull down your underwear, exposing your all wet pussy! I kiss slowly your leg, spending lots of time kissing all over your inner thighs.
Then I would start slowly licking the outer lips and then move to your inner lips. I wouldn’t miss any spot of your pussy. When you start to get aroused I would lightly flick your clitoris with my tongue. I gently blow on your moist lips, watching you quiver in anticipation. Slightly I run my tongue up your wet pink slit, and we hear a moan escape your lips. I lick up and down slowly, digging deeper into your hot pussy with every stroke, until my tongue is almost completely buried in your soaking cunt.
I start flicking your clit with my tongue on each stroke, causing you to arch your back in pleasure each time. I wrap my lips around it and suck it gently, causing you to moan loudly, arching your back! I slowly slide one, then 2 fingers inside you, rubbing your G-spot while I suck on your clit. As I slide my fingers in and out of you and suck on your throbbing clit, you feel yourself getting closer to climax! I would take it into my mouth and continue licking that clit while gently sucking it with my lips. I would slowly bring my hand into your pussy rubbing it and the teasing your G spot. I would play with both your g-spot and your clit at the same time, until the blissful elements of an orgasm hit you like a storm! I work you up until you finally go over the edge, screaming loudly and an enormous orgasm waves through your body.
When your long, hot orgasm finally starts to subside you would start rubbing my body and kissing me until I get aroused. You’d slowly kiss down my body and rub my 7” cock slowly with your smooth hands. You’d kiss all my body and the get to my lips, while still rubbing my cock with your hand.
I wait for you to come up to me, letting you taste your own juices on my lips. I slide my pants and underwear off, exposing my thick shaved cock. I position myself between your spread legs, but you suddenly grab me tight and move down to my throbbing inches! You’d start to lick up and down my penis slowly, making me beg for you to put it in your mouth! Finally you wrap your big full lips around my cock and slowly start sucking up and down, while gently stroking the bottom of my cock and using the other hand to play with my balls! Then we move into the 69 position slowly bringing each other to orgasm like I had before! Once we both had an orgasm, we breathe heavily for a while, enjoying that blissful feeling! Then I would bring my aching cock to the walls of your pussy!
I squeeze your hips, pushing my dick inside you, making you moan: your pussy feels so nice and tight. I would slowly push my cock in as slowly as possible, making sure that I go in slowly and tenderly. You moan when my cock is brought into your pussy. I would rub your juices all over you cunt making my cock slide in and out of your pussy easily. I finally get it all the way in, letting you feel my throbbing dick inside you. I pull out entirely and then thrust hard back into you, making you moan in ecstasy! I start fucking you in and out of you getting faster and faster, building you up to another huge orgasm. My balls are slapping your ass while my cock keeps pushing deeper and deeper into your pussy. Then we switch position, with you on my top, and kissing each other while you slowly slide up and down on my cock! Your juices overflow and run down my cock and covering my balls! My cock feels like it is getting bigger and bigger with every stroke bringing you closer to orgasm. Then you cum! Once you’ve calmed down from your second orgasm, I out you over onto your hands and knees, in doggie, shoving my cock roughly back in your pussy! I start going faster now, making you moan louder and louder with each stroke! I fuck you hard until you find yourself cumming once again.
771 days ago